Your first visit to the office depends on your medical history, current dental needs, and the services you may need. We ask that you bring the following information on your first visit:

  • Any previous dental x-rays or referrals from other dental or medical professionals.
  • Information on any medication or conditions which could effect medications.
  • Details of your insurance
  • If under 18, please have a parent or guardian present for consultation.

We also ask that you inform us of any conditions that would require consideration before a surgery, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, low iron, and others, as well as medications such as blood thinners, or antibiotics.

For X-Rays

While we also take x-rays at our practice, we ask that you bring any previously taken x-rays from within the last six months with you as well. You can either have your previous dentist forward them to us, or you can bring them in with you on your first visit.